Thursday, July 23, 2009

Which Jesus?


(by R.P.Edwards)

Who is this Jesus
Who easily drips
From Hollywood mouths
And Washington lips
Who’s used as a prop, a tool, a display
To justify murder…and going astray
Yes, who is this Jesus
Oh, wait! Wait! I know!
He must be the one
From so long ago
When those in the South
Would worship their God
Then right after church
Beat their slaves with a rod
Yes, it must be “that” Jesus
Yes, he is the one
But one thing’s for sure
He isn’t…the Son

Let’s make it personal. Just suppose I was a bandit, who, in the course of my robbery of “you” and your “pregnant wife” caused, inadvertently, the death of she and the baby, or perhaps, just the baby. In most cases you would insist on a single or double homicide charge and, in many cases…you‘d get it.
You see, death is a personal thing, and when you kill my heritage--that tiny human being that is tied directly to me--then misleading and deflecting words like “fetus,” and “potential life” are thrown right out the window. My “child” is dead, and you, sir, are a murderer.

And so we come to the grand health care aspirations of the current president. Certainly, care for all is laudable but, if what I‘ve heard is true--that the inclusion of abortion funding is in said legislation--then this universal healthcare bill…is damnable.

You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see some Christians (myself included) and commentators…man up. How about some ministers reminding the flock that there is good and evil, and that murder is evil. And then take the next step and say that politicians who support evil should be shunned. How about some commentators using the “m” word instead of bowing to PC speak. Need some help; some inspiration? Just think of every aborted child…as “your” child, your son, your daughter. You wouldn’t tolerate lessening their humanity. You wouldn’t dehumanize them because others thought them less.

Finally, I have little ill will towards the president. He said during the campaign that he was pro-abortion. This, for me, nullified any references he made in regards to my Savior (Remember Jesus said, "You shall know them by their fruit"?) Unfortunately, many of my pro-life brothers and sisters fell for it…and now more blood spills. Oh, for repentance in the pulpits…and the pews…and in politics.

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