Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin Patriot

(by R.P.Edwards)

A common beginning
A common birth
A common striving
A common worth
And then the breaking
The shaking wind
And “common” yields
To strength within
Uncommon deeds
Uncommon words
Uncommon faith
Where blood is heard
Uncommon valor
Uncommon call
Uncommon gift
To common…all

Independence Day and, as I looked out the back door…rain, rain, and more…rain. A bit disheartening as our Church has a food station at the local park where a traveling carnival has put down temporary roots. A dampening of sorts…this rain thing, but perhaps appropriate as the burning torch of America has been, itself, attacked by those who would quench its very essence.

I wasn’t going to publish today but, since I heard of Governor Palin’s “leaving office” news last night, I thought a few lines would be appropriate. Honestly, I haven’t paid much attention to the good lady since the November elections. I know there are certain segments who detest her and hound her incessantly. But I value the judgments of these individuals…not at all (who should?) And, sadly, these faultfinders may be part of the reason she is leaving office prematurely. Imagine, being accused of ethics transgressions and then, even though exonerated, you are still punished by paying a hefty legal tab? Now, I don’t know if these charges were brought by office holders, but if they were I sincerely hope that the fine folk of the Northern State…give them a well deserved boot. Unless, of course, the people of Alaska have gone the way of Minnesota. You remember Minnesota? The state that just placed a bitter ex-comic in the U.S. Senate? At first I thought there might be something toxic in those “10,000 Lakes,” but then I realized that this segment of society merely highlights the way of the nation. For, with this last election, we have confirmed that the majority desires celebrity, not substance; words, not works; a veneer, and not virtue.

But as for me, a pro-life, pro-union Steelworker, I support Sarah Palin. And I dare say, if I was in the military and needed to know that my government had my back…I would sleep easier with Sarah Palin in office. And, if I were to trust an office-holder to handle carefully my tax dollars--not spending my children and their children into debtors prison-- Sarah Palin would be that office-holder. And, if I were an innocent babe in the womb, being knit together by the very finger of God, I would at least have hope…if Sarah Palin were in office. So, here’s to you Governor, I wish you well. And, on this day when patriotism is so much more than a burger and a beer, I look forward to the time when politicians of your caliber are the norm, and not the exception.

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