Thursday, July 16, 2009

McCorvey v Sotomayor


(by R.P.Edwards)

A pawn
A tool
A way to blood
A goal accomplished
An evil flood
But midst the pain
And endless sighs
A Savior finds
And gives…new eyes

Norma McCorvey. My wife mentioned the name in the context of certain “protestors” being removed from the Sotomayor Senate hearing. Honestly, I thought I was finished with this charade (c’mon, we all know the outcome), but this revelation warranted one more revisit.

As many know, Ms McCorvey was the “Jane Roe” of “Roe v Wade” fame. You remember? The infamous Supreme Court case where seven black robed men assumed the mantle of God and, subsequently, signed the death warrant for fifty million Americans (and counting)? What you may not know, however, is that years later (her child, by-the-way, was “not” aborted) the former plaintiff was introduced to the love of Christ and, this introduction led to a surrender to the Savior Himself. Funny thing about fellowshipping with the Author of Life, it will change your view on things. And she--who once thought killing the unborn was a source of liberty--she now realized that it is what it is…the murder of a child. Thus, the lady who was a pawn in the plot to subjugate a nation, is now a force for good.

A gentle reminder: Abortion…either it’s moral…or it’s murder. Either the thing in the womb is a soulless entity without rights, or it’s a distinct human life formed by the finger of God and as such...deserving full protection. Remember, legalized abortion is an evil forced upon us by the Supreme Court. It was not the peoples choice…it was not voted on, or grandfathered in (like Slavery), it was the invention of a handful of mere men. Understand also...this issue will not go away as long as there are people of Christian conscience walking the streets. Norma McCorvey is one such person.
Who will join her?

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