Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Ultimate Sin

The Sin

(by R.P.Edwards)

Greater than the liar
Much worse than the thief
Way above the “Armed and D…”
The felons that cause grief
More horrid than the murderers
That is: the baby-killing kind
Are those who hurt our furry friends
Much worse…you’ll nary…find

It was in the Sunday paper. I heard about it from a co-worker and checked it out for myself. Yup, Michael Vick was due to be sprung from the penal system and, if his one on one with the Football commish goes well (his penitent soul being scrutinized for sincerity), Mr. Vick might possibly…just maybe…be allowed to sneak (tail between his legs) back into the NFL to try and regain some of his former wonder…and wealth.

Now, I’m not here to lessen the offenses committed by the former pro-player. His dog-fighting doings were nasty, to say the least. Cruel?…yes. Reprehensible?…yes. Worthy of punishment?…yes. But, please, let’s put things in perspective. For instance, less than two miles from my computer station is a rather large abortion clinic. In this one horrid place, over the last three and one half decades, the respected “professionals” who operate this chop shop have killed (I would say “murder,” but that’s so…so…accurate), anyway, in this one clinic more Americans have been snuffed out than died in World War I, Korea and Vietnam…combined! And yet…they practice their grisly tasks with hardly a peep from the locals and, of course, nothing negative from the press.

And so…this is our “modern” America. Lovers of all non-human life; be it owl, minnows, or our lovable pooch. But when it comes to the most important species…the one with the “divine spark,”….well, that one is inconsequential. Here’s a tip for Mr. Vick; if you’re not allowed back into the “game,” or if your body has passed its competitive prime, then consider training to be an abortionist. Then you can be as hateful and destructive as you want…and the press and their peers…will love you.

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