Thursday, August 25, 2016

America, Great again

What we can
(by R.P.Edwards)

Some do this
Some do that
Some give thin
Some give fat
Some are cool
Others hot
Some will run
Others trot
Some consumed
Others taste
Some choose steady
Others haste
But ALL believers
We ALL contribute
What we can

Made a pro-Trump video (above, click link below photo). It's something I can do. No, not Hollywood, but not bad for a steelworker. 

I've written about the Donald before; my transition. No, he hasn't passed the "perfect" test, but I believe he'll do more to the good than the alternative.  

So, I support him. Without apology. And, of course, I'll be praying for the election and Mr Trump in particular (although offerings on behalf of HC are also in order [a Christian thing]). 

And, I hope my little song encourages.


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