Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Thoughts

Foundation Waiting
(by R.P.Edwards)

Foundation forgotten
Still to find
For those whose heart
Supplants the mind
For fleshly reasoning
Seeks the flame
But humble hearts
Call out the name
This gentle offering is being written on Easter (Resurrection Day) night, and let me begin with a memory.
Long, long ago; when this writer was a late teenager, I was a lowly swab on a destroyer stationed in Pearl Harbor (no, I'm not THAT old). Among those who were my betters there was a Chief Petty officer (his name escapes me) who had a sour disposition and, the fact that I was a fledgling Christian probably didn't help.
One day, as I was manning the telephone at the Quarterdeck (where navy folk came on or exited the ship), I received an outside call, and the voice I heard belonged to said Chief. However, rather than the snarling superior that I expected, he began to give me fatherly advice as to matters of faith. Honestly...I thought he was drunk.
Well, it turns out that this gentleman had had a hospital experience that caused him to pause and consider seriously his life's path, and final destination. He had already heard of the Savior, Jesus (through his wife, I believe), and the humbling caused by the ailment put things (the important things) in perspective. He reached out for mercy and, simply put, his life was transformed. We, in fact, became quite cordial, to the point that he, on at least one occasion, had me accompany him to a religious gathering. Yes, his transformation was genuine; because his God...was/is genuine.
So, to my point: I KNOW from experience that the resurrected Jesus is real. He in fact lives in my breast even now and our fellowship is ongoing. For, you see, I too had a moment of clarity (as to my spiritual condition) and I too reached out to the Savior whose resurrection we celebrate this day. AND, I've seen it happen over and over and over again. Yes, those deemed irreparable in man's eyes, were/are made new, whole, reborn. And, if the reader is stirred at all at the prospect, then please click on the photo of the cross in the upper right; labeled "Of First Importance." I hope you will.

So, why the photograph above? It is a barren slab; a foundation, which once supported a structure. There's more to say about it, but I'll save that for another time. Happy Resurrection Day!


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