Friday, January 22, 2016

For Noah

(by R.P.Edwards)

Noah sleeps
In Jesus' arms
Safe from danger
Safe from harm
Free from terror's 
Bitter take
No more pleading 
Tears to make
And with a kiss
And warm embrace
He wakes to see
The Savior's face
Then gentle words
And all is joy
As love surrounds
This little boy
And to those who mourn
And rightly should
Tormented by 
The "Why?" and "Could?"
As waves of grief
Relentless roll
And sadness smothers
Heart and soul
Remember, dear ones
In your pain
Though Noah died
He lives again
And by the Savior's side
He waits
To take your hand
When you awake  

Noah Chamberlin, a precious little two year old, went on an outing with his grandmother and four year old sister. The grandmother turned away for a moment...and he was gone. A week later, after extensively searching the area, his lifeless body was found. No foul play is suspected. It was a "tragic accident."

Death and mourning are all around us. The coworker, the neighbor down the street, the long-distant friend; acquaintances all; and, when they pass, or one of their loved ones moves on, we "all," to some degree or another join in the sadness.  But, with Noah's plight, and eventual resolution; well, this one caused a heart-wrenching grieving in this writer's breast (though momentary). And why? Because in my life I have an intimate relationship with a two-year old boy; my grandson. And, the thought of him lost, alone, frightened, crying, pleading in the darkness until he succumbs to the elements is almost maddening. I can only imagine what his close relatives are, and have been going through.

Having said that; it is my understanding that his family members are people of "faith," as am I. And, although I do not ascribe to the theology that "everything" that happens is God's will; I DO believe the Lord can make good of bad things that occur.  And, if I may, I know: I KNOW! that Noah lives. I KNOW that he is well, and joyful, and delighting each moment in the presence of the Savior. And, as the grieving runs its course, let us not forget that Jesus, when walking among us, was quick to take the small children in His arms. And that He hasn't changed. And, to get to my point: Noah has made the journey to heaven quicker than most, but the journey beyond this "flesh" is an eventuality for all. And, as those who loved him most dwell on the TRUTH that their little boy awaits them, I pray their comfort may be shared with others and that their determination to see him again, is made even more sure.

One more thing: "knowing" is what makes the death of a loved one so difficult. Imagine then the Creator's grieving when those He loves (for He intimately knows ALL) are given no worth. Let us pray then, as many as love Him, that we begin to see ALL others...with HIS eyes. 

"For God so loved the world..."
(from John 3:16)


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Thank you, very touching!