Monday, January 18, 2016

36 weeks; the barbarism of the Left

36 weeks
(by R.P,Edwards)

36 weeks
Almost there
That is, if mother
Cares to care
For one child, her arms
Await your fill
The other pays more
To have you killed

Just a short blurb on the subject (since I yoyo back to it so often).

Went to my local abortion clinic a few days ago. A lot of business. One, a "not so sure" woman, was gently intercepted by a ministry that has been in the baby-saving business for a couple decades now.

The "abortion-bound" agreed to a free ultrasound and, upon a little sound-wave producing light, a baby in the neighborhood of 36 weeks gestation was revealed! The child will live.

Just another case of the barbarism that masquerades as enlightenment. How utterly debased are those who tout their sophistication and supposed benevolence and yet support and enable the slaughter. Like the polished and perfumed southern aristocracy who drank their mint-juleps as their "property" wallowed in the shadows, so is the left. Sadly, as in the South before the blood-letting known as the Civil War, many Bible believers (and there were many) chose to block out the scriptures that spoke of the possibility of natural freedom to go along with the "equality" that comes with belief in the redeemer.

It is my hope that at least in the coming election the "Christians" will rise above their fleshly predispositions and vote for liberation. And, if one is a Christian and married to the Democratic party; then get some godly candidates to fill that glaring void of conscience. 

PS 36 weeks, or 3 weeks: The magnitude of the crime is no less. It is only more visible.


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