Thursday, February 12, 2015

Darwin, Lincoln, Blumenthal, Himes

Darwin and Lincoln
(By R.P.Edwards)

Darwin and Lincoln
Born the same day
One brought us death
One freed the slave

S.Res.66 - A resolution expressing support for the designation of February 12, 2015, as "Darwin Day" and recognizing the importance of science in the betterment of humanity.

Um, Senator Blumenthal and Rep. Himes, Sirs; we ALREADY have an important remembrance on February 12. It's referred to as LINCOLN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!

Now, perhaps the good legislators have forgotten the birth memorial of our 16th president. After all, we've lumped "all" the presidents into a February weekend add-on. That means individual acknowledgements, no matter how warranted and deserved...are unnecessary. Washington? Too bad. Lincoln? Tough luck.

As to the resolution and the "recognizing the importance of science in the betterment of humanity;" I don't have a problem with the premise, however, when we speak of "science" that benefits, that's the empirical kind. You know, the "scientific method" kind; hypothesize, test, observe, retest, observe, etc. Well, "that" kind of science has nothing to do with the "guesswork" of evolutionary thought; which, naturally, has been evolving (pun intended) as one supposition after another falls by the wayside.

But, rather than spending time trying to counter the true believers of the Darwinian faith, let's just add some casual observations. Slaves: thought to be inferior by some. Even sub-human. Did Darwinism bolster this view, or weaken it? Another: Those who tried to refine the "master race" and eliminate others deemed inferior (to the tune of multiplied millions); did Darwinism aid, or dissuade, such a vile idea? Another: since the collective "we" are the result of blind, impersonal forces, has Darwinian thought, yea or nay, contributed to the cheapening of human life (merely an animal after all) and made it acceptable to end this "non-person's" existence while still in the womb (again, to the tune of multiplied millions)?

Yes, rather than celebrate the man, let us rather mourn the multitudes murdered in his name.

And, if one still wishes to set aside a time of honoring, I have a suggestion; since we no longer choose to observe the actual birthdays of people of notoriety, why not celebrate Mr Darwin's birthday along with National Atheist Day...April 1st?

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