Monday, January 19, 2015

Ted Olson vs Martin Luther King Jr


Say it
(by R.P.Edwards)

Say it like you mean it
Say it like it's true
Say it like it's always been
That ignorance "Is you"
Say it from the higher ground
Say you're heaven's voice
Say that none will suffer
If the "victims" have this choice
Say our fears are meaningless
Say our thoughts arcane
Say it from the prophet's perch
Invoke the hallowed names
Say it till you sway us
Say till all believe
Say it till destruction comes
For "say it" means...deceive

First of all, welcome back to the Fox News Channel (from we Dish subscribers). I was in the final stages of switching. 

Speaking of Fox: I watched a Fox News Sunday segment yesterday (youtube link); a debate (well, not a debate; more a gentle questioning) involving Ted Olson and Tony Perkins over the coming querying by the court over the same-sex issue and the fourteenth amendment. Many judges have been adding their "amen" to the new/old sexual tangent; but there are a few holdouts. Supposedly the highest court will try to solve this conundrum which they themselves are the authors of.

Well, I've written on this sort of thing before; (Not the Same, Chris Wallace, NO!! and probably a few more somewhere), but, on this important memorial, and even though my chalky complexion may lessen my standing; let me just comment that I tire of the endless comparison of the plight of gays to those of African descent. Imagine equating the horrific treatment done to a whole race due to an unchangeable skin pigmentation (murders, assaults, rapes, cruel and inhumane treatment done on a societal level), to those whose "minority status" is defined by "affection" and sexual rubbing. It's absurd...and offensive. words mean nothing. Less than nothing. I only hope some whose platform is more recognizable have the courage to stand up and speak. The institution of God-ordained and defined marriage needs protecting. So too the legacy of those who literally gave right the injustices brought to mind this day.


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