Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye Dish Network!

(by R.P.Edwards)

It's called a "Separation"
That's what our parents say
But dad's no longer with us
And mom is sad all day
My mom's name is Dish Network
And dad's name is Fox News
And since they're "separated"
We children have the blues

I was thaaaat close! (picture index finger and thumb a millimeter apart) to cancelling my subscription: Subscription to Dish Network that is. Why? Because of the "war" with Fox News. I'm a Bill and Megyn fan, and I'm rather fond of the whole bunch (even the "lefters"), but this "negotiation" is getting on my nerves and, to top it off! I, also being a HUGE Huckabee fan (Huckabee 2016!), I missed the "final" show because of...the war.

Anyway, I hope mom and dad settle they're differences soon. I've paid for another month due to the wishes of "other than Fox" watchers. But, if things are not resolved by then...Roku is looking pretty good.

The Fake Trio has something to say on the subject. Enjoy:


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