Thursday, November 6, 2014

Of Pumpkins, Politics, and Pizza

Post Election
(by R.P.Edwards)

No more placards
No more ads
No more telling
Good and Bad
No more phone calls
Robo breath
No more polls
 To plumb the depth
No more frenzy
In the press
Searching, trying 
To undress
No more hoping
To retain
No more taxing
Of the brain
Enough, Enough!
Election speak!
Enough, Enough!
It's rest we seek!
The race is over
At an end
But very soon
We start again.

A couple days since the midterms and the color change (i.e. Blue to Red). Happy to see it. Not somersault happy, but maybe a smile with teeth happy.  

Harry Reid, no longer obstructing. We'll finally get some "Bills" on the way to the Chief executives desk and, with less of a pulpit, perhaps the voices that preach immorality...will be softened.

And, on that note; I did indeed NOT cast my vote for the Republican contestant in the Illinois Governor race. The Libertarian said he was pro-life, and it earned him my vote. However, I certainly am glad Mr. Quinn is heading for retirement. It's rather refreshing to have a governor go...without stopping for a stint in the pen.

And, as for the title; the picture is the home-made (can you tell?) sign screwed into my front porch. The pumpkins are the decaying remnants of Halloween past; and the pizza? Well, that's what I was munching on when I began this blog in earnest.

Heard a rather humorous song on the Glenn Beck show yesterday. Following is a link (don't know how long it will last.) Made me laugh. 


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