Saturday, August 23, 2014

You must be from Ferguson

 Of Names
(by R.P.Edwards)

Names have meaning
Meant or no
Or pro
So make your actions
Wise and kind
So your name heard
Brings mind

Ferguson. Yeah, I've been there.You see, it's not that far away. In fact it's just an over the river jaunt into the "show me" state from the Land, supposedly of Lincoln (where I currently reside). Of course, when I think of "Ferguson" I think...St Louis; even though, truthfully, it is merely one of the many satellite municipalities that orbit the once great "Gateway to the West." Let's call it "greater St Louis."

Anyway, with the killing of unarmed Michael Brown (18) by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson Policeman, there has been great unrest (surely the reader is well aware). Demonstrations, looting, destruction of private property. All, supposedly justified by the lawless act...of a law enforcer.

Well, it seems that the "conviction" of Mr Wilson by the public and the general media...may be premature. You see, there has been leakage that perhaps; perhaps! the "I will never betray...the public trust" officer may have been punched out by Mr. Brown prior to the shooting. Perhaps...the shooting was warranted.

However, this simple offering is not focused so much on the "facts" of this case that must surely come out. But, rather, with what the people who live in Ferguson (not the temporary carpetbaggers) will do with the information once it is known. Of course, if the policeman really did the dastardly deed of killing a hands raised youth; the pre-judgers will be justified. But, what if the "jury of his peers," after hearing and seeing the evidence (whatever that may be) decides in the officers favor? Will "Fergusonians" collectively demand the officers head anyway? Or, if reasons for acquittal are indeed obvious, will my western neighbors cool their passions and give the public servant (no matter how painful it might be) his due?

So, as the opening poem alludes, what will the name "Ferguson" mean in the future? Will its nuance lean more towards the thugs who rioted or robbed; or will its flavor be that of a noble populace. Time...will surely tell.


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