Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mr President, ACT NOW!

(by R.P.Edwards)

I empathize
With those who wait
Who tremble at
The tread
Who truly hope
That time will heal
And not bring pain
Who wish that others
Might engage
And lessen
Their attend
Who dream the dream
That goodness wins
And wars
And conflicts
But History
Screams different things
That evil only grows
And left alone
Its lust for blood
Will fill the world with woes
So hear the voice
Of victims past
Who died because...we pause
Then drop the pen
Pick up the sword
And join
The righteous...cause!

Celebrities die, and our minds reminisce at how they had the wonderful ability to play make-believe and distract us for a few precious minutes, meanwhile, at the same time, in a distant, but not unreachable place--children are having their heads cut off as a Nazi-esque cancer seeks to viciously consume all they declare infidels or apostate. Villains, Zealots, murderers, and we; the great leader of the "free" world; we, who are well able--in a one month span of concerted effort--to greatly downgrade this wretched band with their demonic doings--we drag our feet as the blood soaks into the sand.

I speak, of course, of the happenings in what used to be Iraq. The foot dragging, hopeful wishing, do nothing (until recently) approach; has led to the slaughter of the innocent and, without a deliberate, concentrated, overwhelming response, there WILL be more and more and more...of the same.

So I say, "ALL IN!, Mr President! ALL IN!" Do a great good with the time you have left. Rekindle the victory instead of rewording the defeat. Swallow your pride and ACT! Spurn your speeches...and ACT! Drop your distant and distracted demeanor...and ACT! Each day you delay is a death sentence, and another line added to your legacy. Mr President, there's still time for you to be a Churchill, instead of a Chamberlain. have to ACT! And, once you do--once you have girded your loins and steeled your resolve--then turn to the other tyrants who gather at our gates. The time is now, Mr. President. The now!


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