Thursday, September 6, 2012

Energy voters unite!

It's the ENERGY, stupid!
(by R.P.Edwards)

All things being equal
All things...just the same
What might just get me leanin'
Is the gas pump
And...the pain
For one's in love with nature
The other? "It's a tool!"
And me?
I'm just so tired
Paying fortunes
For my fuel

Well, the democratic convention is in full swing. The party faithful are crooning and swooning.  The all time favorite, Bill Clinton, has been trotted out for that old good time feelin'. And...I don't really give a rip. Why? Because talk and words are cheap (this blog included.)  It truly does come down to actions.

Now, granted, I've only heard a snippet or two. One was by a "choicer" who equated "woman's healthcare" with the ability to end a baby's life (see poem below). The other had a class warfare flavor (Oh, those evil rich folk!). Other than that I haven't tuned in (do plan to record the President's speech).  And, as for the eloquent Mr Clinton, I remember when my eldest boy (then 11) cried when Mr C won his first presidential election. Why? Because the lad understood that an anti-baby, anti-life, person would be in the White House. And, after all the A-plus performances by Bill, Mr Obama, and any other polished orator they put in front of the teleprompter; after all is said and done; the Democratic party is the party of infanticide. And, just as "slavery" was a litmus test for many in 1860, even so there are those (me included) whose starting line (as to acceptability) includes the rudimentary ability to discern good...and evil.  Ok, enough of that.

Now, as to the poem above. Every now and then I see a commercial aimed towards the "energy voter." And, dear reader, if I was none concerned about abortion, healthcare, national defense, Israel, and on and on; this one area might cause me to choose one candidate over the other.  Why? Because I'm tired of filling up my mini-van with the equivalent of half a shopping cart of groceries. And, since we all know that beneath our native soil (dry and wet) there is more than enough potential energy to distance us from our Arabian masters; and that of the two candidates only one seems willing to head in that direction; my choice would have to be...Mitt.  And, understanding this, if I was the Romney campaign I'd buy up all the add space in every gas station, coast to coast.  I'd have a nice mug-shot of Mr R., and say something like, "Tired of paying too much at the pump? I'll fix that."

Whose Health Care?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Women's health care
What a crock!
They mean a butchered babe
And though they paint the sepulcher 
It's still a stinking grave


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