Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama remorse

Buyer's Remorse
(by R.P.Edwards)

Ice cubes to Eskimos 
Just call me Nonook!
I had no intention
But I jumped at the hook
I don't fault the saleman
A master, of course!
But later I cancelled
Buyer's Remorse

I told the young man, "You need to understand; I don't even like this paper!" I said this as I was giving my card for the swipe and reaching for the pen to authorize the debit.

He was all of nineteen but something about his presentation was affable, endearing, disarming; and, since it was a deal after all, I took the bait.  However, upon reflection I finally realized that I, in that impulsive moment, had made all sorts of positive assumptions about this talented fellow without knowing him in the least. Yes, I dearly hope he is all that I at first imagined; however, there was no time for the telling. No time for the tested...truth.

And so, a week later I finally started to watch the video of our President as he began his remarks at the Democratic National Convention and, after the briefest of times...I just couldn't do it.  Yes, I recognize him as my president; admire him for his family ties; but I just couldn't listen to the talented talk that means, in the end...nothing.  I just couldn't listen because the actions of the last four years mean the present presentation is, most likely, beautiful balderdash.

And so, I stopped the viewing, reached for the phone, and cancelled my subscription. Buyer's Remorse had risen to the level...or reason.  The ultimate sales-pitch...connected with the lesser...and I wised  up. And now, as the glow of the Convention lessens, I can only hope that the many interested, like me, refocus to see that the victory we all desire is not found in the old playbook, but in another direction.

The song, once again, to boost and embolden...believers.


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