Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't swallow the fly!

Fruit fly suicide
(by R.P.Edwards)

French Vanilla
Wafting sweet
The fruit fly dives
A tasty treat!
Into the drink
Its end to meet
And wonder I

At the time most of my fellow humans were sleeping--perhaps dreaming of the urban myth that we hominids swallow eight spiders a year while dozing with mouth agape--I was doing that "job thing" and maintaining the minimum measure of alertness by ingesting steady quantities of java ala French Vanilla creamer. Oh, it wasn't a pour, quaff, repeat kind of thing (which you might expect when the sun is shining). No, it was more like, pour, sip, wait, reheat, top-off, quaff, repeat, kind of thing. Plenty of time for the fruit fly (I assume that 's what it was) to dive-bomb into my tepid brew. And, thankfully, though the area was devoid of constant illumination, there was just enough (plus a wayward glance) for me to observe the wiggling intruder in the bottom of my cup. And I wondered to myself, "How many of these things have I swallowed?"

In the news; aside from the horrible events in Libya, there's the trumpeted note (by some media) that Mr Romney has released some more income tax information. Really? This is that important to you? That maybe a smart business guy discovered a few ways to keep some of his dough out of the wasteful paws of Government? How about we ask the deceased ambassador what he thinks? Let's ask the multiplied millions of unemployed what they think. And while we're at it, let's ask the nearly 60 million aborted Americans what they think of the revelation (added, because Mr Obama is very pro-abortion).  

It's a little over a month till the election and it appears the tilting press corp is taking its predictable path. I only hope many in the electorate, like me earlier, see the bug in the mug and DON'T swallow.  It's not too late to avoid the unsavory addition. And having throw it out.

Here's a video you may not have seen. Hope you're not eating.


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