Tuesday, April 26, 2011

St Louis' Easter Miracle

 Silly we
(by R.P.Edwards)

Silly we
Neglecting Thee
Creator of our kind
A humble plea
A “less of me”

On the radar the formation seemed as a nearly solid line.  Quickly moving from east to west the pulsing orange and reds  meant violence, calamity, injury, possible death.  “Take cover!” was the bistate cry!  “Take cover, now!” And we, like mice to our holes; we, in this age of high-tech weaponry; we, the citizens of the supposedly “last super-power;” tucked our subservient heads in and scurried to our  basements to cower and cringe.  And, above us, as we trembled, the bomb bay doors opened and down they came; the powerful instruments of destruction.  But, unlike other deadly ordinance--the kind distinguished by kilos and pounds--these falling monsters were known as F1...F2...F4! 

But wait! Could it be?! Yes! There is a something; a someone who intercedes!  For, as the heartless weapons dive to destroy; as they ravenously claw towards the earth to kill and consume there is, like a huge unseen bridle to the beast, a placing, a pulling, a turning, a taming.  And, these horrible brutes that would have murdered ALL if they possibly could, they are, like the tethered hound to the master’s hand, only allowed to anxiously bound on the path; only allowed to leave their prints and teeth marks on a benign tangent; just enough to let the mortals know that Death was near; but the Divine hand…restrained.

And one may ask, “why?” Why did He who calmed the sea of Galilee intercede?  Because He is merciful?! Yes! A thousand times, Yes!  But, also, dear reader, because He was acknowledged…and asked.

Over the Easter weekend tornados struck the St Louis region.  The international airport, Lambert field, was sorely wounded and laid low.  Many dwellings were damaged; some utterly destroyed.  And, not satisfied with Missouri fare, the monsters crossed the river and stabbed deeply into Illinois.  But, with all the destruction and displacement…no deaths…no serious injuries.  And, as this event caught the eye of the nation, Bill Hemmer of Fox news referred to it as “An Easter Miracle.”  Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, upon flying above to see the shattered leavings remarked, “It almost feels like a little bit of divine intervention when you look at the destruction.”  But, my favorite quote comes from a local lady who stood in front of the very barrel of the gun and, after being spared she relayed, “We just started praying, and we did…and it saved us.”

And I think, how terribly sad that it takes so much to shake us to our core.  That it takes so much to make us go to the place of our beginnings; to the one acknowledged and credited in our founding document.  The Declaration of Independence refers to Him as “Nature’s God, Creator, Supreme judge of the world, divine providence.”  And the Constitution refines the reference even more by closing with the phrase, “In the year of our Lord.”

But, sadly, truthfully, distance from the fray; distance from the turmoil, the troubling, the soul-rending circumstance…and arrogance arises.  Self sufficiency surfaces.  Self worth, self importance, self worship…manifest.  And, if these qualities reside in the powerful, the rest of the nation is, as a matter of course, steered down the damnable path of idolatry.  It is no wonder then, with God forgotten, and “fear of Him” removed, that the Supreme Court began extracting our blessed benefactor from public education “after” the memories of World War II began to fade.  That, in the seventies, human life--that which the Divine cherishes deeply--was cheapened by the black robes until now over 50 million have perished and, not surprisingly, since “He,” though our next breath is by His allowance; since He is summarily dismissed, there was no trembling at the redefining of the Holy institution of Marriage.  And, to be fair; to be honest; those who “could” restrain the usurpers, these also, with nary a palpable peep, acquiesced to “their” intellect because, as everyone knows, the wisdom of man (as our actions testify) always trumps…the knowledge…of God.

To conclude:  This writer, and this blog by extension, have a “conservative” lean.  But, unlike some whose definition of the cause is merely a shopping list that includes: a balanced budget, lower taxes, a strong military, smaller government; “my” simple conviction is that true conservatism must, MUST! be grounded and founded upon the Creator who gives us our rights.  And, as a consequence, my eyes and my allegiance are towards those whose core is “there.” Whose words and actions reveal an understanding that this blessed nation was of divine birth and, our preservation is not in any way dependent on the elite oozings of academia, but rather on the heartfelt utterances of the humble who, when faced with the reality of their fragility say, “We just started praying, and we did…and it saved us.”


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