Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mike Huckabee's Fair Tax

First tax
(by R.P.Edwards)

Remember the day
You heard them say
“And this, dear boy,
will be, your pay?”
Oh joyous thought!
Your wallet packed!
And then you learned
Of being…taxed

Since I’ve been in a Huckabee state of mind of late (video production) I thought it might be good to explore a bit more of his platform besides the essential moral/God issues.  And, I discovered, one such “plank” is the enactment of the “Fair Tax.”

“What is this,” says I, sadly ignorant of the meaning.  So, with the aid of youtube, I heard the good governor explain the concept in an interview during his failed (alas) presidential run (link below).  Basically, income taxes as we know them now…are abolished (yippee!).  And, as a consequence, so is the IRS (yippee! again). And, of necessity, the 16th amendment (which gives the Federal Government the power to tax) is repealed (yippee! X 3).  “So,“ one might ask, “from where comes the money to run things?”  At the point of consumption, dear reader; at the point of consumption.  The more you consume, the more you pay.  And  I’m told, it would be enough and--as a further benefit--that which now drives business away from the USA, when removed, would cause them…to stay.

You know, I don’t remember the last time I looked at the “gross income” figure on my pay stub; the supposed amount that I earn.  Why? Because I know it means…nothing.  It is a phantom, an apparition, a seductive specter without substance.  No, I look at the “net,” for that is what buys the groceries.  The “net” is the truth.  And, wouldn’t it be nice if we only dealt with…the truth?

In the interview, the governor relays how someone told him, in reference to the Fair Tax… “It will never happen.”  His response,   “I refuse to believe that the best ideas are the ones that will never happen.”  Hear! Hear! Mike Huckabee!  Hear! Hear!  And, might I suggest, Mr H., it’s time jump into the Presidential race.  President Obama is already campaigning (if he ever stopped.)  Others are taking the plunge.  Your presence is sorely needed.

The FairTax link of which I spoke:Huckabee on the Fair Tax

The “Mike Huckabee, Run!” exhortation.  Pass along, please.  Mike Huckabee, Run!


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