Monday, March 7, 2011

Wisconsin, Rise up!

The company you keep
(by R.P.Edwards)

You’re kind
You’re nice
A gent, complete
You’re brave
You’re true
And sometimes
But all
For naught
When eye
Doth sweep
For you’re known
By the company
That you

And so the epic struggle continues.  The great fight; the confrontation; the clash of the titans!  On one side of the monumental scale; you and yours who have come to defend the rights of the “working man.“  And, on the other; those who would enslave the masses. “No further!” you scream as they who would oppress, deprive, debase, destroy! seek entrance to the hall.  “Never again!” you chant as the duly elected officials cross your lines to do their dirty deeds.  “Shame!” you lambaste as they dare to vote the people’s will.  And, as you grow weak and weary from the constant combat; there, there!…a champion comes!  A true American!  An unblemished knight of Hollywood truth!  A spokesman to speak for you; intercede for you; be you! Yes, someone to inspire and lead and be ….Michael Moore?

You know, it’s an old adage; a something Mom would say as you scooted out the door to meet with your unsavory “friends.”  “Honey…you’re known by the company you keep!”  And, by golly, Mom is right…again.  For now, as the “protestors” in Wisconsin continue to coalesce in the capitol, a spokesman has arisen to express their heart.  Yes, Michael Moore.  The very same who said:

“There's a gullible side to the American people. They can be easily misled. Religion is the best device used to mislead them.”   and,

“The small businesspeople are the rednecks that run the town and suppress the people.”  and the classic,

“I would like to apologize for referring to George W. Bush as a "deserter." What I meant to say is that George W. Bush is a deserter, an election thief, a drunk driver, a WMD liar, and a functional illiterate. And he poops his pants.”

And what do the freedom fighters do when this Mr Moore speaks?  When he compares their struggle against the legally elected officials of the great state of Wisconsin to the uprising in Egypt? Why, they cheer and applaud, of course!

Honestly, some of the most patriotic and religious people I know…are Union people.  And would we; would “I” choose Michael Moore to speak for me?  No! A thousand times…NO!

People need to understand, what’s going on in Wisconsin is more than some disgruntled state workers and some rallying rabble rousers.  What it is is an assault on democracy.  Where a miniscule “mob” tries to overthrow the will of the people. And the face; the true face of their intent…is Michael Moore.

So, to my friends in Wisconsin (the voters), I ask, “How much longer are you going to put up with this? When are you going to rise up and take back your capital?  When are you going to show you sick-leave Senators…the sidewalk?  When are you going to show (and teach) the rest of the country that you’re not intimidated by bullies, and thugs, and celebrities?” Yes, it’s a defining moment in our history.  But not about the legitimacy of organized labor; but whether “We the People” applies to the many, or to the small, and loud, and thuggish…few.

Rise up, Wisconsin!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Rise up, Wisconsin!
Clean out your house!
Out with the mercenaries!
The leech, and the louse!
Out with the pundits!
From Hollywood come
The bullies and whiners
Beating their drum
Rise up, Wisconsin!
Your statehouse reclaim!
Out with the senators
Bringing you shame
Running and ruining
Unworthy of trust
Recall and remove!
This your duty!
Your must!
Rise up, Wisconsin!
Democracy’s stand!
Don’t give in to mobs!
You’re the line, in the sand!
You’ve chosen, now choose!
To fight for your choice!
Rise up, Wisconsin!
Let your many…give voice!


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Drew Davis said...

Well done, Mr. Edwards.

Keep channeling that passion into melodic refrain.

Drew Davis
Pax Americana Institute