Friday, March 18, 2011

Judging Wisconsin

Freedom’s Caretakers?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Holy rights
By Hand divine
For us, preserved
By blood, and spine
That we, the heirs
In measured time
Might choose our freedom’s way
And so, the people
Lend their mark
And loan, to few
The borrowed spark
And test, the ears
Of heed, and hark
To walk in freedom’s way
But due, to failure
Or to whim
 The old, are out
The new begin
A sloppy, sacred dance
We’re in
For this, is freedom’s way
But now, too often
Tyrants rise
And quell, the flow
The “We” despise
And choose, the path
To suit “their” eyes
Destroying…freedom’s way

“One thing’s definitely for sure, it’s never good when it winds up in the hands of a judge.  I don’t care if they’re left leaning or right leaning; that takes the power out of the hands of the people.” So said Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, on her afternoon show (America Live) after it was revealed that a Wisconsin judge, Maryann Sumi, had put the brakes to the new legislation that would have greatly reduced the collective bargaining power of public sector unions. 

Judges…and delays.  How many times have I seen it?  How many times has a judge with a particular “lean” whispered a few sentences, and legislation; legislation fought for; travailed over; constructed, deconstructed, sifted, sorted, rebutted, refined, and reassembled by, no less than THE PEOPLE’S DULY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, been put on perpetual hold because a judge decides to say, “Not so fast?”

And yeah, I acknowledge this other “branch” is supposed to bring balance but, so often it seems that it’s just a means…to an end.  Sometimes it’s a push towards a partisan end.  And sometimes it’s an ungodly, damnable end (as in held-up abortion restrictions in Illinois).  So, judges, and delays; it’s a real problem.  One solution might be term limits or, to prevent collateral defrocking, the term "impeachment" needs to take a more prominent place in our Constitutional Republic's vocabulary.

Now, back to Wisconsin; do I think Judge Sumi has a point? Not sure.  But even she admits that, at the very most, all the legislators have to do…is re-vote.  And that, dear readers, will encouraged the mobs to amass…anew.  The circus continues. 

Hang tough, Wisconsin!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Hang tough, Wisconsin!
Democracy’s stand
Your bulwarks, attend!
Your parapets, man!
The mobs come to steal
Destroy, with the flood
The treasure, preserved
By patriots blood
Hang tough, Wisconsin!
Fear not the fray
You’re armed with the right!
You’re armed with the day!
The people’s decree!
Their mandate!
Their will!
Hang tough, Wisconsin!
Your duty…fulfill!


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