Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sting

Too Easy
(by R.P.Edwards)

Trained by the X-Box
PlayStation, the Wii!
Ready, aim, fire!
So easy, you see?
Bad guy…and BOOM!
A cyber destroy
But these guys are real
And our weapon’s…
No toy

News Flash:  To bolster the assertion that the military action in Libya was justified in order to avert an imminent “humanitarian crisis,” the Obama administration has also ordered cruise missile attacks against the  governments of Bahrain, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and, for good measure, Egypt (just in case).  “I want to make it perfectly clear,” said the chief executive as he paused before boarding Marine One, “the United States is pro-people.  No longer will we sit idly by while oppressive governments do violence to their innocent masses.” 

“Sir!” interrupted a smartly dressed marine attendant.  “Sir, we only have a fifteen minute window.”

“Yes, corporal. Thank you.  No more questions.”


Even in my day it was a matter of point…and shoot.  Long ages ago I was a sonar man on a Navy Destroyer, and we too had our little video game console, and the buttons that launched…deadly stuff.  It was an impersonal act.  A “I can’t see you” kind of thing (never did it by-the-way) and, as time goes on, we learn how to deal death more accurately, and from farther away.

I certainly would not classify myself as a pacifist. I “do” believe force is sometimes necessary; even deadly force.  The actions in Afghanistan and Iraq had my nod--in my opinion there being some valid and pressing reasons--but, honestly, I don’t feel good about this latest Libya thing.  And, it’s a bit frightening that our military expertise has been so easily added because the “rebel cause” wasn’t going so well.  Methinks we should have pressed our “Allies” to more directly defend their interests.  As some have suggested, I think we may have been “played.” A European “sting”…and we are the mark…and Libya…is the loot. 


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