Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Worm Roll Call

Worm Roll Call

(by R.P.Edwards)

The worms stood at attention
The commander's face was stern
So many names he’d bellowed
Only silence in return
The early worms were missing
And “later” worms…undone
Only “party” worms…
Now in their bunks
Had found the battle…won

By farmer standards…I was a slacker. It was 7:30ish and I was meandering through the kitchen--shuffling along in that barely-awake state when your movements are on autopilot--when I decided, before reaching for the go-juice (“the best part of waking up…”) to slowly lift the dark green shade from the over-the-sink window and look out upon the day. Now, I know the early risers among us will tell me that the morning was half gone. More than once even I have told my children (when they have, after hours on the couch--game controls in their hands--molded themselves to the furniture) “If I was a farmer I’d have you out doing chores before daybreak!” Anyway, it was approaching the eight o’clock hour and there, on my neighbor’s lawn, was an industrious robin, yanking on a hapless worm. So, I think to myself… “This must be one lazy bird! Imagine, going to work a good two hours after sunrise (or is it three?).” And yet, this red-breasted harvester was giving that spineless fellow the tugging of his life. And, as I watched (like the lecherous roman citizen in the Colosseum) this feathered gladiator finally yanked that worm free, upended him (or her? It?) and down the gullet it went. I could only imagine that there would be some chewing and regurgitating as baby birds clamored, with open mouths, for mommies equivalent of “Little Caesar’s” take-out. And so, my knowledge increased, I felt a little better about getting up later than the many industrious souls among us. Did I mention that I had gone to bed at 2:30 a.m.?

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