Thursday, June 18, 2009

Government Health Care

Government Health Care

(by R.P. Edwards)

The Government, plus Health Care
The China Shop, plus Bull
The intentions, yes, are noble
But the results…are dumpsters…full

It was decades ago. My wife and I, with our tiny tagalongs (2), were students (I, then she) at a college in California. Our income came from the G.I. Bill and loans and, as a result, health care was hard to come by. Well, as it turns out, there was a state program called Medi-Cal that had provisions for the near penniless and, as the youngsters needed a bit of attention…we sought it out. Sure enough, after the laborious task of baring our monetary souls…we were accepted and plugged into the system. Now, I’m not exactly sure why, but every contact with this state medical monster brought us ever lower (emotionally) until, feeling very much like the dirt on our shoes, we resolved, “The Lord’s just going to have to take care of us…we’re not going back!” And, we never did.

Government Run Healthcare…just the sound of it evokes images of the bread line. Understand, I certainly agree that the current situation needs attention. When I hear of people dropping thousands, THOUSANDS! for a couple nights stay in a hospital (with very little care)…something is terribly wrong. The thought of some poor soul losing his/her life's savings by just stepping into a care facility? Outrageous. And, I have no problem affirmatively nodding as experts boast of our excellent “docs” and their marvelous methods but, to many (perhaps most) these maestros and their ways are out of reach…and the cause is, of course…money. So, there must be a happy medium. A compassionate middle. But to think that cramming a Health Care behemoth down our collective throats with all the care and caution of the stimulus bill? That is a recipe…(ahem) prescription for disaster.

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