Friday, June 12, 2009

The Single Issue

The Single Issue

(by R.P. Edwards)

Stubborn fools
With simple minds
Graceless hacks
The vilest kind
They walk with blinders
Thoughtless drones
They never vary
Their conviction…stone
O how they’re hated
We wish them dead
Their presence vexing
A constant dread
But because of these…
These annoying fiends
A child is born…and God is seen

“Jeremiah! Where are you going? Jeremiah!” [the voice, coming from a farmer by the name of Nathan. He, and his neighbor and long time friend (the aforementioned, Jeremiah) were attending a political rally at their local church when one stood, stormed out, and the other (with apologies) followed.] “Jeremiah, what is it?” continued the younger as he came upon the other (who, by this time, looked down upon his friend from his freshly mounted brown and black gelding, Truth). “Oh, don’t tell me…it’s that single issue again, isn’t it?”
The other, without answering…answered. “Jeremiah,” soothed his brother (gently, but firmly grasping the reins) “it doesn’t affect us. It’s out of our control. Heck! Even the pastor says it’s something we have to live with!” Jeremiah (who had been staring off blankly towards the lights of the distant town, at this latest word snapped his gaze to meet piercingly with his friend’s). “The pastor should know better. You…should know better,” he said through clenched teeth. “Jeremiah,” (continued the younger, kneeling to grab a clump of grass for the waiting work horse) “there are more issues than that. Important issues. Things that have to do with our taxes, our families, our livelihood, our rights.” “Rights!” nearly shouted the other. “That’s what this is all about! The right to be human, to be recognized as…human!” “Jeremiah, Jeremiah, calm down. Now listen, (Nathan placed his right hand on the others left to prevent the snap that would have ushered the gallop) Mr. Douglas is a good man, an honest man. He believes as you do…but he thinks each state should have the right to decide.” Jeremiah slowly pulled his hand from his friends reach and, as the moonlight revealed a silver line being slowly drawn down his cheek, he said “ If a man is wrong on the most fundamental of truths…his judgment cannot be trusted…in anything.” As Nathan looked at the lessening shadow (the clopping of hooves adding to the sounds of the night) he heard, from a distance, the parting shout of his friend, “I’m voting for Mr. Lincoln!”

This past weekend we had, along with the normal inflo, a special little guest. Just four days old, as the world measures life, a beautiful newborn was carried into our midst in the loving arms of her proud (and pooped) mother. What a gem. What a doll. What a unique and wonderful gift. A blessing , to be sure. And, I dare say, that if any ne’er-do-well had stormed in to do this angel harm, they would have had to fight through the lot of us to even have a chance. Now consider, just five days before this, if the mother had been so inclined, the personhood of this precious being would have been ripped away (along with her arms and legs and very life) by those who peddle in such horrors. Here’s my point: So important is this “single issue” that I will not vote for those who are unclear on the subject. No, it’s not the only issue, but it’s a foundational issue. It’s a revealing issue. Frankly…it’s a God issue. And, I honestly believe, if a politician’s stand on this subject is mushy and malleable--or just plain wrong-- so is their judgment in all areas. May I suggest that, as this current troubling sifts us to our very core, that we discover anew what is truly important and, discovering…let us require it of those who would rule over us.

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Amen! Very well said!