Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Reveal

Selective Sight
(by R.P.Edwards)

Obvious truth
You must CHOOSE to see
But many CHOOSE
To be deceived 

Recently some friends went to a "Reveal Party." Such gatherings are one of those affairs where the expectant couple "reveals" (in an entertaining way) the sex of the unborn child. Ta dah! Back in my day we found out the sex, sure enough, but we didn't have a party. And, of course in my parents' time the "reveal" happened one second after birth.

On occasion I stand prayerfully on the sidewalk in front of one of the Midwest's largest abortion mills and watch as women, often accompanied by their "no child support for me" partners enter said facility to have their "not a baby" removed. And I wonder to myself, why do some "know" that there's obviously a baby in there; and why do others resist this knowledge? Answer: the Supreme Court.

A reminder: voters did not choose abortion on demand; seven University sired jurists did. And, as a result, multiplied millions of Americans have not had the privilege of being revealed, born and loved. So, I say without qualm or remorse that the most dangerous branch of the Federal government is, and has been, the Supreme Court. Why? Because with a simple consensus the near-sacred Constitution may be altered to fit their ideological belief. Yes, from the Dred Scott case to Roe v Wade and beyond, their gross error becomes our epitaph. It is my prayer, therefore, that God raise up champions in this day to construct and codify a solution that will more easily remove the apostate without civil war or crossed-fingered selection. It is long overdue.


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