Sunday, July 26, 2015

Josef Mengele, Planned Parenthood, and the Court

 Tools and Fools
(by R.P.Edwards)

We're so dainty
We're so nice
Crafting words
With sugar and spice
But the court's been evil
Satan's tool
Oh, what FOOLS!

I go down to the local abortion clinic. I stand. I walk around it. I pray. On occasion I say something benign like, "Can we help you?" or "Jesus loves you, and he loves your baby." Usually I say nothing. There are others who are better at it. 

Women go in. Some are abrasive, cold, arrogant. Others are unsure, conflicted, at the point of tears. They are always accompanied by someone (no solos allowed). Sometimes its a lady pal, or a "kill it" boy friend or husband or pimp. They go in; they come out. They go in; they come out. Week after week after week after week. A few babies survive. Most don't. Tens; hundreds; thousands; hundreds of thousands; all at this one clinic over forty years.

And so, now our attention is drawn to Planned Parenthood. Although they've been killing babies for years and years, they are now thought less of because they actually "sell" the body parts of the deceased. It is to laugh. We tolerate the murder, but are disturbed by the disposal. What fools we are.

Anyway, with the "revelation" I was, at first, going to go the route of Josef Mengele. For those less versed, he was a creepo Nazi physician who dispassionately worked his twisted, torturous will on captive Jews during World War II. He liked to experiment on them; horrible inhumane treatment that often led to a painful death. Yeah, I thought, I could parallel his actions with those of the modern Planned Parenthood docs.

But then, I was thinking...since we of the Christian mindset know that humankind comes with a fallen nature; a nature that must either be constrained from within (a redeemed heart) or without (laws), it only stands to reason that when "laws" are lessened or removed; evil will increase. The Nazis dehumanized the Jews and this led to their wholesale slaughter. In the same way, and with the same inspiration, our Supreme Court has dehumanized the pre-born and their subsequent mass-murder was/is a natural progression.

I can almost feel the uneasiness; the cringing and shoulder slumps as I paint the respected jurists (not all) with the label of "evil doers." But...that's what they are. Yes, in the same way as when the Taney Court sided with Satan (more cringing here) our modern, Ivy League educated elite are also willing tools. However, one thing the Dred Scott deciders had on their side is that the abomination of slavery had been grandfathered into the Republic. Infanticide (abortion), on the other hand, was NEVER widely accepted. It is the court's omnipotent, unconstitutional usurpation.

The conclusion: I believe future generations (if there are any) will look at our modern court with the same disdain that we now view the Taney bunch of Lincoln's day. However, our unaborted offspring (again, if there are any) will little understand why we, the people, did so little to restrain the madness of the black robed kings. They, from their vantage, will recall the "God is not mocked" judgment that came. We, however, are on the verge of its horrible revelation.

It's Coming
(by R.P.Edwards)

One says murder
Another says choice
But the victims here
They have no voice
But God takes note
And hears their cry
And when grace is spent
Then WE...will die 


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