Thursday, July 9, 2015

Black Robes at odds

Preachers needed
(by R.P.Edwards)

Preachers needed!
To stand upon
Foundations laid
To speak to power
Truth and light
To teach the people
"Rise and fight!"
To fill the streets
With righteous rage
To write anew
The founding page
When tyrant lords
Were overthrown
And God was king
And He alone!

It's been a bit since the black-robed, unelected legislators abandoned their place as jurists and boldly defied the Constitution, the people, and the God mentioned in the Declaration of Independence by declaring  "marriage" IS what THEY say it is. Once again (and it grieves me to say it) the Supreme Court acts to the extreme detriment of this nation's welfare. Whether it be removing prayer and Bible reading from public school, murdering the unborn (yes, murder), or now turning civilization on its head by redefining the sacred institution of marriage, these very few sequestered Supremes act as Kings. And, though the remedy for their apostasy is given in the Constitution (i.e. impeachment) there is little will to do what their actions so richly deserve.

And so, as we wait to see what will become of "Their" America, I am reminded (as the above Charles Finney caption states) that it is the lethargy of the genuine Church that has brought us to this critical point. For, you see, in the Revolutionary era that preceded the actual historic signing, it was the "ministers" who had taught and inspired their many congregants as to the meaning of the words "freedom," and "liberty." The people were therefore  ready to act, and when the time came...they did. Now, the modern messengers have seemingly forgotten that we are to be "Salt and Light" in this dark and decaying world, and have kept their peace as the cancer metastasizes.

But, I have hope. I believe God is raising up voices to cry out in this wilderness. I believe there are, even now, prepared vessels that will confront the kings and raise the consciousness of the masses. I don't know what it will take, but I believe the Lord, in His mercy, will withhold full judgment and give us yet another chance to repent and renew. For, although the elite few have rejected Him, the masses have not fully abandoned the "Creator." 

Here's a link to a little history on the original "Black Robed Regiment."  Preachers who inspired the founding generation.


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