Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The REAL war on women

The Real War on Women
(by R.P.Edwards)

A war on women?
Yes, it's true!
For baby girls
Are women, too!
And these are slaughtered
Oft with glee
By bigger girls
Who chant
"I'm free!"

The professor--as the one hundred students (max capacity for this University side-cubby) argued, wildly gestured, nearly screamed at one another--simply stood near the entrance and pointed to the large placard above the polished maple door. Slowly, as eyes, two by two, gravitated towards the gray-maned leader of this political science class (101) and then up his arm to read the inscription [CHECK YOUR EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS AT THE DOOR], the freshmen, singularly and then in clumps, took their seats and waited for the next phrase from the "not PC" Professor Rhombus.

"As I was saying," said the casually dressed PHD (multiple) as he leaned against his cluttered desk, "the issue before us is not the benign euphemism 'Birth Control,' but rather the more accurate descriptive phrases...Conception Control versus...Life Control. To review; the owners of Hobby Lobby already offered, as part of their insurance package, the chemicals and devices needed to prevent...conception. In other words, if these "preventatives" (he used one hand to make the quote sign [a double dip]) are taken or used as directed, they will do just that..."prevent" conception. And, my fellow scholars, we honest inquisitors must acknowledge that when conception too Life. Later on (he waved off the score of hands that shot up upon this last declaration) we'll look into the nature and worth of this undisputed "Life." Anyway, the four other chemicals or devices that the religious owners of Hobby Lobby objected to; these prevent implantation of the fertilized egg. This homeless entity is then expelled--"birthed" if you will--and dies. The Christian owners of the craft store equate this result with abortion; i.e. infanticide; i.e. murder.

Now, (the teacher stood up straight; put hands on hips and then arched backward to loosen the ligaments), Now (he repeated) if you want to discuss whether this "life" has worth; i.e. is human and worthy of human "rights," or is merely a thing to be discarded at will...we can go there. However (he slowly, purposely, walked over to the door and pointed above. Then, keeping his hand aloft, he pivoted for maximum eye-contact) with the discussion will come a side-bar on slavery and the evil of human ownership and exploitation. Are you ready for this?"

Two jocks on the back row leaned in towards one another (shielded by the forest of raised arms before them) and one said to the other, "How did this guy get a job at this ultra-left school?" 

The other responded, pulling an apple from a pocket; preparing to nibble, "They say he had a conversion experience after tenure was granted."



Religious liberty. Rather sad that the act of defending human life has to depend on a human court in order to find the adequate "excuse" for continuing the practice. Sadder still, the many who add "Christian" to their life Resume and yet, frankly, don't care what God thinks about the subject.

But, for now at least, a step in the right direction.


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