Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tyrants in training

We Tyrants
(by R.P.Edwards)

Don't say that it can't happen
That it can't
Tyrants wielding tyranny 
In America
Most dear
For evil seeds
Lie in each heart
And Power...makes them grow
And history's repleat
My friend
With wickedness
And woe

Perhaps you've seen the news (albeit few media outlets seemed overly interested) concerning Cliven Bundy, his Nevada ranch, his herd, Federal land and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Basically, he says he has a right to graze his cattle on the land; the Federal Gov says no (not without a fee, naturally). I won't go into the details, but here's a couple links if you're interested. From Fox news, and from the Washington Post. 

Anyway, the Feds showed up armed for bear, and the Bundys plight attracted not a few supports; apparently many willing to give their final measure to stave the encroachment of perceived tyranny.  In other words: willing to kill; willing to die.


Well, this little blog began with a poem concerning tyrants and how they become. And, sadly, it seems the essential element for tyranny on a grand power. And, sadly, our Federal government is drunk with it. Consider the IRS, the NSA, the BLM, etc, and, consider the individuals in each who, with the security of the nearly untouchable bureaucracy, advance their desires to the ill of the nation; to the decay of the Republic. Many people are upset. Many...are oblivious.

Well, let me broaden and then hone: Sorry secularists, but it is a Judeo-Christian belief that man's nature is fallen, debased, untrustworthy. That is why checks and balances are supposedly a part of our Constitutional makeup. And, history proves the premise. Evil is in us, and self judgment or external means are necessary to rein it in.  

However, let's personalize this: tyranny, the byproduct of unbridled power, is not only the inclination of the statesman. No, it walks among us, no matter our station or status. In the home, on the job, on the street. Wherever "power" is imparted, or assumed, it's potential is there. And, in my over five decades of observation I've seen it, or even leaned towards it (God forgive me). And, ironically, it is often veiled with declarations of Safety, or Security, or "it's for your own good," and, with these justifications in tow, if they, if WE are not careful; an arrogance will arise; an overlord will come out, a tyrant will be born.  And so...

Here's to the tyrants I will meet today. Hopefully one...will not be in the mirror.


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