Monday, June 18, 2012

Keith Green and me

Get up you bum!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Candy Bars
And coffee quaffed
Shaken from
My lazy loft
"Up, you sluggard!
To the chair!
And pound the keys
Your simple...share"

Candy bars and coffee. Those were my obsessions this early morn. You see, my sweet sixteen year old daughter (having recently discovered the world of work, and pay) well, she indulged her old man by purchasing for me candy bars (a big Hershey, and a bag of bite sized 3 Musketeers) along with some bagged brew...for Father's day.  Yum. 

Well, when my older offspring then approached with their gift; rather than a bottle of slightly more expensive wine than I'm used to (sorry, my tea-totaling brothers and sisters. I am among those who believe the wine Jesus provided was actually; and that non-abuse can be of use [a topic for another day]) well, instead they gave me a four CD collection of Keith Green's work.

To the younger crowd: Keith Green was the modern Christian artist of my day (1977-82). Talented, tenacious; his passion for the work and message of Christ set many ablaze and, as I meandered in the kitchen this hot summer's day, I listened anew...and a fire...stirred.  

And so, to the keys!  Honestly, I had resigned myself to the notion that my meager offerings were of little import, but perhaps, PERHAPS! there is even one whose notch is mine to fill.  So, as my system valiantly nullifies the sugar and caffeine in my system I offer two things to ponder. One: the song Mr Green sang that helped me awaken (at least a bit). And two: a reminder (via an article from Small Victories ministry) of the tragedy of abortion in our midst. A tragedy that an awakened church...can alleviate. And an awakened electorate...can mitigate.


Small Victories article. Please read: Small Victories 



Movers UK said...

Honestly, I really like those song. Candy bars and coffee are essential for morning survival. Wonderful post!

Cleaner said...

Candy bars and coffee are my all-time, everyday obsession! But I am so thanksful for sharing the truly awakening song by Keaths, as I have to admit I never heard about his amazing talent before, which is a great minus from my side. The webiste you refer to and the so empowering messages that are being given, for NO to abortion, is something I am definitely going to pass forward! Best regards, Dear, Mr. Edwards!