Friday, June 29, 2012

Yep, it's a tax

Candle Sense
(by R.P.Edwards)

Johnny loved the candle
It's warm and friendly glow
But when he'd try to touch it
His mother told him, "No!"
"That light will hurt you, honey."
Her tired and worn refrain
But Johnny finally listened
 And what taught him was...
The pain

Well, it's been over twenty-four hours since the "Obama Care is Okay" decision handed down by the Supreme Court.  I have to admit, like most I was a bit surprised. Especially at the revelation that Justice Roberts was the deciding nod.  And, although I haven't spent much time with the "whys" and "wherewithals," I've heard that the persuading argument given was that the Federal Government has the right to tax and, when it comes right down to it, the individual mandate is a tax; albeit a wolf in sheep's clothing, a bald faced lie to the public, an obfuscation leading to

And so, it seems, we the people, via the reasonings of the Chief Justice, have been given the opportunity to fix the mess that we the people inflicted upon ourselves in 2008.  Yes, rather than have the Supreme Court do our dirty work, it turns out that if "We the People" actually want to remain a viable constitutional republic, then we must, in the coming months, roll up our sleeves, rally, and then roust out those who promised hope, but have delivered instead...chains.  

And so...the poem.  Like the little boy who is best taught by pain, we, who were in 2008 dazzled by the eloquence of the current administration, we now have touched the flame...and it burns. The question however is; have we learned enough to remove our hand, our favor, from that which injures us?


For your viewing pleasure, the Supreme Court song: 

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