Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romney/Huckabee 2012

The Ticket
(by R.P.Edwards)

Two governors
No waiting
No hurtful OJT
The People's choice...
Mitt Romney
And his choice...

I thought it was gone with the beloved XP (moment of silence).  Yes, when my former engine of communication and creation had an untimely death last year, I thought the many unprotected items also went to the bottom.  But, hallelujah!, garnering some sense from somewhere, I had actually backed up at least a few things and put them on a flash drive.  And...when uploading from the little tyke, eureka!, my "Huckabee Run" song...was intact.

History:  Yeah, I'm a Mike Huckabee fan.  Yes, yes, I know there are many who chafe at his populist ways.  But...I really like the guy!  And, last year, hoping to encourage him to jump into the presidential fray, a simple song and video were written and sent into cyberspace.  The result? Well, Huckabee on Fox is doing quite well.

Now, fast forward.  The Republican choice for President, Mitt Romney, is weighing his options for a second banana.  No doubt his many counselors are clamoring for a niche man or woman; you know, someone who can help deliver a state, or an ethnic, or even a gender vote.  But, Mr Romney, may I suggest you put your old adversary (think 2008) Mike Huckabee, to the front of the line?  Not only is he a "get along and still get things done" conservative.  But, like you, he actually knows what it's like to govern.  To bear the weight...and delegate.  To do what's right...in spite of sight. Yes, Mr Romney, I think you would do yourself, and us, very well by giving Mike a call.  

Romney/Huckabee 2012!  I like the sound of that.

So, here's the video. Watch, listen, and pass on if you are so inclined.

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