Sunday, May 13, 2012

The National ill

The National ill
(by R.P.Edwards)

I resign myself
To the National ill
As evil rises
And has its fill
With God debased
And man...held high
If not abated
We'll surely

Ah, it's Mother's Day (nearing the end thereof) and although I had thought to drop a line or two in praise of mothers who truly are, the national dialogue on President Obama's weigh-in on same sex marriage grabs my attention.

I fear for my country. Why? Well, it's not that a prominent politician (decent fellow that he is) is on the wrong side of the God issues (abortion, marriage), but that, from recent seems so many of my neighbors are leaning in the same direction.

You see (and call me naive) but I really do believe that this nation had a divine birth.  That deity was mentioned four times in the Declaration of Independence...deliberately.  And that, what was so obvious in the beginning (that WE need HIM), now we wise inheritors have assigned the Almighty to the role of flavor or tint.  He is insignificant.  A "not real anyway" inconvenience.  A vestige organ in our body politic.

But, dear reader, it behooves us to recall that so many of our modern "ministers;" (the 'mouths,' if you will) be they in academia, the media, Hollywood, Washington, or even behind a once sanctified church pulpit; it behooves us to remember that our blessed America came not one whit from these who so confidently dare to define what is right; and what is wrong.

And so...I fear.  I fear that we who dance the dance of carefree apostasy; hopping, and skipping, and twirling ever farther from our stable center and ever closer to the precipice of pride; I fear that without a national revival...we will surely, soon, step off...and in.

And, as for me--as the once unthinkable becomes thunk and done-- I cannot fathom how any person who cracks their Bible, and believes; I cannot fathom how one of these of genuine faith can enter the sacred booth and cast their vote for those who mock their God and invite His rebuke.



David said...

Sometimes I wonder if we still have any traditional values or we have lost everything that really matters in life. Deep and reflecting post!

R.P. Edwards said...

Thanks David. Yes, on the "values front" things look grim. But be of good cheer, "He" has overcome the world.