Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our betters (Not!)

Who owe we?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Tell me, Sir
Who owe we?
The lofty
The less
Those who speak with eloquence 
Or those who beat...the breast
Those from Ivory towers
Or those who bend the knee
Tell me, Sir
For freedom's sake!
To whom
The debtors
Now, some would say
The former
Who rule the words
And waves
Who view themselves
As masters
All others
But I contend the latter
Who grasp the ancient thread
That ties them to Creator
Whose power
Raised...the dead

The question, sent by a viewer, carefully coddled and displayed affectionately before the Republican candidates for President at a debate last week. Thus: 

"Given that you oppose gay marriage, what do you want gay people to do who want to form loving, committed, long-term relationships? What is your solution?"

After going down the line--each "debater" gently offering a palatable defense of the sacred institution of traditional marriage--former speaker, Newt Gingrich, offered this addendum:

"Since we're spending this much time on these issues; I just want to raise a point about the news media bias. You don't hear the opposite question asked [he then listed difficulties that certain Catholic institutions had and have encountered because of their stand on traditional marriage, and then he concluded with]...the bigotry goes both ways, and there's a lot more anti-christian bigotry today than there is concerning the other side; and none of it gets covered by the news media."

Now, the reason for this simple piece--as the primaries amble on--is that there really is an adversarial force to be recognized and reckoned with. It's a body of believers, if you will, that preach a gospel quite foreign to the faith of the founders; quite distant from the traditionalists whose long ago contributions in blood in treasure secured the ease and idleness of this present age that has spawned, from godless institutions (whose beginnings were not so), the reprehensible persuasion that those with the "media microphone"--whose appearance is appealing, and words wooing--that these somehow "know" right from wrong; good from evil; truth from error.  Truly, they often do not.  But, since they "own" much of the communication venues...theirs is the filter through which sympathetic "choices" are often given preference.  And so...we decline a bit faster.

Now, I'm not offering a solution.  Just a hope that we be a bit wiser in the future and, since much that has been "championed" by the chosen is now proving to be without foundation; perhaps more than just we conservative types will be less apt to ascribe wisdom to the polished prose and purrings that gush from the biased media.

I recall writing a poem a couple years back concerning the influence of the media.  For your enjoyment:

4 + 5 = 0
(by R.P.Edwards)

The fourth estate
The column…five
A champion…that takes a dive
Depending on objective words
Instead…a swooning sound is heard
And we, the bearers of their lack
May never have our nation back
For Murrow’s children
Gone astray
Espouse “their” whims
Their preference…say
The heralds voice
A barkers jive
The fourth estate
Now…column five

Here's a link to hear Newt's remarks:  Media Bias

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