Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Survivor

(by R.P.Edwards)

He who fought
The foe of death
And lives
To face the day
Will scoff at airy arrows sent
By those who buck
And bray 

Said Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, yesterday, at a news conference:  "I chose to address these accusations directly rather than try to do it through a series of continuous statements or spokespeople, because that's the person Herman Cain is; is to take my message directly to the people. With respect to the most recent accusations, I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period!"

It was one of those "I'm tired" in the afternoon reclines and I, with remote in hand, opened the Fox news portal for a peek.  Instead of the normal fare there was an "any minute" anticipation of Mr Cain's addressing another "He did it" accusation that many years ago he said or did something the sexual harassment area.  Well, I was mildly interested so I watched, nodded, rewound, watched, nodded, rewound, and finally recorded the thing.

My take: I like Herman Cain.  He strikes me as honest.  Not perfect. But honest.  And although the "sexual harassment" charge has been levied; and if true it's reprehensible, I am mindful of...his enemies.  Meaning those who are diametrically opposed to his "conservative" views and these, dear reader, in my lengthy observation, often have different views of "life, truth, God, patriotism....honor." And, as such, no tactic is beneath them.

Yes, I know, that's a bit harsh, but I'm pressed for time and, through recent events, some of my sugary coating has been dissolved.  One more thing: the poem above alludes to Mr Cain's life and death struggle against cancer.  He literally stood face to face with eternity and, having survived that monumental contest, these little darts from the dastardly; though deeply wounding to the untested; to he they must be as bubbles blown from child's toy.  Hang tough, Mr Cain.  The "truth" will come out.

One more note: of late I've been in a bit of a funk.  An Ecclesiastical frame of mind (all is vanity.)  However, a gentle note from reader, Jeff, nudged me off my malaise.  Thanks Jeff.  


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