Saturday, November 19, 2011

Then He appeared...

Our Savior, Sure
(by R.P.Edwards)

He looked beyond
The package, poor
The liar, thief, 
The traitor, whore
To see through blood
The child, pure
And went to Calvary
Our Savior

Ok, I'm better now.  Just came from the Granite City Christmas parade and I'm, well, better.  I saw the firetrucks; the marching band; the zooming fez wearers; the Cardinal mascot; the churches, the boy and girl scouts; the office holders; the corvette club; the myriad of candy throwers; Mr and Mrs Clause and, up and down along the joyful route--from the High School to the downtown digs--the moms and dads and bag-holding tots taking it all in and giving it all back...the joy of the coming season; the potential of peace on earth and all.

And so, I'll turn from the heaviness of knowing; from discerning our disease; I'll turn instead to the hope promised by the coming star.  Yes, the human condition is low, loathsome, damnable.  But, someone--a very important someone--the most important someone--thought enough of the universal "us" open his arms, embrace our ugliness, and offer a new, fresh beginning to all who would merely me. And His answer? "Yes...yes, I will. Of course I will."


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