Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Purpose Driven...Cat

(by R.P.Edwards)

Here’s your purpose:
Start off frail
Cute of face
And dancing tail
A tiny fur ball
Soft and sweet
Play with string
And nibble…feet
Then quickly grow
And stake your claim
Never come
When they call your name
Endure the children
Torment the hound
Find a spot
You cannot be found
Look out windows
Take long naps
Sometimes on a human’s lap
Rub the leg
A loving schmooze
Then walk on faces
While they snooze
Receive affection
But give them pause
Will you purr?
Or hiss…with claws?
And rule the house
Till old and fat
That is your purpose,
Household cat

We have a member of our family that I’ve mentioned before;  smallish, charcoal gray, quirky, affectionate (sometimes), independent…the household cat.  I suppose one reason she enters the consciousness and conversation more than usual is that, due to a ground level scavenger (the dog) we had to place the “cat dish” on an elevated plain; which just so happens to be near the computer station.  And, since eating is a primary pastime, it’s not unusual for said feline to block the screen, trample the keys, and do the in your face antics that cats are famous for in order to receive attention.  Anyway, I was looking at this mewing marvel one day and realized that she accomplished her “purpose” beautifully.

Purpose; an oft used word of late.  Indeed, the title of today’s blog is a play on pastor Rick Warren’s popular work, “The Purpose Driven Life.”  I must admit, I haven’t read it.  However, I’m sure it’s insightful and edifying, like so many books I may never get around to.  But, concerning the subject, I am aware, as a Christian, that each of us in the body have a purpose and place.  A distinct niche that we, individually, are designed to fill…designed and placed by the Master himself.  And, although it is our tendency to sometimes place greater importance on the more visible gifts and callings (guilty) when we finally realize that all “ability” is from Him, then, when we fulfill our--though we may consider it inconsequential--individual purpose, well, that pleases…Him.  That’s what I want to do.  Don’t you?

So, here’s to purpose.  May the Lord help us all to discover ours…and to be content therein.  And may he also remind us that in all our “doing,” that sitting at His feet (remember Martha and Mary?) is indeed…the better part.

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