Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday...on Sunday

(by R.P.Edwards)

Moves the feet
When “longing for” and “finding”…meet
When constant torment
Sees the “stop”
When burning thirst
Perceives the…“drop”
But when conditions are unknown
Like silent cancer in the bone
Then desperation has no breath
No urge to move…and foil death
And so, O Lord, help us perceive
Our sinful state
And your heart…grieved
And then…the Christ…on mercy’s seat
Then desperation…move our feet

Black Friday; the day after thanksgiving when shopping deals, bargains, and savings drive untold thousands to the waiting aisles of the formerly placid sellers of things.  Be it the toy shop or the hardware haven, the known reduction of a few bucks…and here they come! 

Now, usually I avoid this feeding frenzy like the plague, but this year there was a personal element as my beloved spouse had garnered needful employment at an establishment known for a giraffe mascot and the universal lament, “I don’t wanna grow up!.”  Anyway, my honey was required to work her first ever midnight shift (doors opened at twelve, Thanksgiving night) and I thought it my least obligation to drop her off, and pick her up.  As we rounded the corner, nearly an hour before the floodgates opened, there they were…the thousands.  Wrapped completely around this not small building was a line, two, or three, or four deep (after all, who wants to go shopping alone?), all waiting to rush upon the prey.  My wife informed me that the flow was steady…all night.

So, I was thinking the obvious; they come because they have a need or desire to save some dough, to purchase a gift for themselves or someone else that they wouldn’t or couldn’t buy…before.  In other words; the perceived need…sends them to…the feed.

And so, since this is a Sunday post, the obvious connection is that we humans are in a terrible state; lost, separated from God, destined for destruction.  However, there is a provided, wonderful solution…Jesus.   If the universal problem were truly perceived, and the remedy understood;  every Bible-based church would experience an influx like the retailers on Black Friday.  May we who believe pray, and work towards this end.  For, brothers and sisters, like the sales after Thanksgiving, there is…a time limit.

That's what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below...and say.