Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Minimalist

(by R.P.Edwards)

I thought I was lazy
A bum
Choosing to coast
When others say, “Run!”
Choosing to watch
While others climb high
Choosing the earth
While the teachers scream, “fly!”
But I’ve learned I’m ok
I’m a minimalist, see?
I’m so very glad
There’s a label…
For me

“What rank do I need in order to go camping?” That, dear reader, was my sincere query of the scoutmaster as I explored my options in boy scout world. “Tenderfoot,” was his reply. And so, I learned the “minimal” methods and memorization needed for said rank and, once achieved…there I stayed. Shameful…or is it?

Let’s face it…we are taught to go for the goals. Success is measured by the money, or the milestones. And oh, how we love the rags to riches, underdog makes good, stories. “Achieve!” they say. “Make something of yourself!” Earn! Learn! The candle…burn! And, in the process…we do…and having “done”…we die. And how we laud…those who try.

But what about the others? What about the mundane, the plain, the inane? What about the dull…who mull? The slow…who “don’t” go. The masses who “passes?” Are we not, dear friend, the reflector to the bulb? The chorus for the crooner? The wire…for the walker? And the answer is a resounding…yes!

And so, for those of us who find comfort in routine. Who lessen stress by conserving energy when it comes to rehab and repair, or the cutting of our hair; we have a name, a place, and a purpose. We are minimalists! And where, I ask you, would you achievers be…without us?

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