Saturday, September 19, 2009

Evil Never Sleeps!

Evil Never Sleeps

(by R.P.Edwards)

From our beginning
Fallen place
The choices…
A warning from the one who keeps
“Lurking evil…never sleeps”
And so the children pick there path
And most choose bloodshed, cruelty, wrath
But some
The few
A vigil keep
Remembering …“Evil, never sleeps”
But through the years
The lights are few
Falsehood hiding bearings, true
But still a remnant
A vessel keeps
Remembering…“Evil, never sleeps”
And tyrants rise
And millions fall
And many answer
Honor’s call
And from their rest
To children speak…
“Remember…Evil, never sleeps!”
And now with despots
Again in place
A choosing…
A need for vigilance!
and Semper Fi!
A patriot’s heart!
A warrior’s cry!
But instead we cringe
And sound retreat
And offer words
To tyrants…sweet
And choose the path
Where freedom weeps
Forgetting…“Evil, never sleeps”

I won’t belabor the administrations decision to renege on the missile defense arrangements with Poland and the Czech republic, other than to say, “What did we expect?” Honestly, did we think our military would become stronger…or weaker, with the election of our current President? Did we really expect our agencies of defense and deterrence to be supported, or denigrated? Did we really think that tyrants (yes…that describes ‘em) would cower before Mr. Obama, or become emboldened?

Listen, here’s the problem: Last November we (as in the yea-sayers) voted for a dream…a wonderful fantasy worthy of Hollywood where eloquent words…solved everything. The problem is…evil exists. And, unquestionably, there are those who joyfully give themselves to it. And, friend, weakness does not dissuade them. Only strength.

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