Friday, January 18, 2019

Of coffee and conscience

Just us
(by R.P.Edwards)

A cup of Joe
Wasted hours
Then again, NO!
For all too soon
Our busy end
So precious now
An hour
A friend

It was a conversation between father and son (one sided, as usual). The elder (in the passenger seat) expounded as to the wonders of our modern times; as in, the internet, in particular You Tube. "Years ago," expounded the grey bearded Pop, "if you wanted a song published or sung on the radio it took effort and chance. NOW you put it on You Tube and you might be an overnight sensation." 

From there we (we, as in "me") traveled back to the late seventies when I, as a young, lonely sailor stationed on a ship at Pearl Harbor, used to frequent a coffee shop named Anna Miller's. "I'd make an evening out of a dollar," says I. "Fifty cents for there and back bus fare; forty cents for a bottomless cup of Kona coffee, and ten cents for a tip. Many, many hours I'd spend conversing with my fellows."

Then came to mind a little jingle I wrote at the time about the beloved sanctuary (above). Too bashful to share it with the owner it now comes out many decades later. It's a bit rough but contained therein is a hint of the pleasure obtained by spending time with friends in an atmosphere that encouraged such. I hope to go back someday. Sorry for the small tip.

The anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision is in the news (i.e. legalized abortion). I've written much on the subject, so just let me end with a gentle poem from years ago.

Would You Love Me?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Would you love me
Without my name?
Would your caring
Be the same?
Would you love me
Without my face?
Would your heart
Still have a place?
Would you love me
Though I’m new?
No memories stored
No…me…and you?
Would you love me
Without my touch?
Would my dying
Mean as much?
Would you love me
Just ’cause I am?
No link to you
Just in His plan?
Would you love me?
Oh, please, please do
For, with the chance
I’ll love you…too.


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