Tuesday, December 2, 2014

John Kasich and me

Of Captains
(by R.P.Edwards)

At the helm
A steady hand
The course determined
The purpose planned
The thoughtful captain
Tested, sure
Years in training
And pure
Then storms, they threaten!
The weaker wail!
Those unfamiliar
With wind and sail
The bowing mast!
The creaking deck!
The novice screams
Of reef...and wreck!
But the captain knows
The end's the thing
And to the tempest
Whispers, "bring"
Then face like flint
He parts the waves
And those who'd rule
He makes them slaves
 On and on
Through valleys deep
From crest to crest
No rest!
No sleep!
He guides the ship
To distant land
Where those below
Can safely stand
And as the plank
Is pushed and placed
The battle's clamor
Gone, erased
A precious few
Will turn and wave
A thanks to him
Whose wisdom saved
But most go on
 In selfish more
Until their need
For "tested...sure"

"Who's your governor?" A simple question asked of a couple fast-food friendlies who were fetching some much needed coffee in a post midnight hour. We (the "six;" a number that made "flying" [the preferred mode of transportation] a bit too pricey] were well on our way to the nutmeg state and I, the primary driver, needed some liquid stimulant. I knew we were in Ohio and, being a John Kasich fan, I thought I'd test the knowledge of these fine and faithful young men. They hadn't a clue.

Oh, I don't blame them. At their age I wasn't nearly as tuned into the boring world of politics. But, seeing how the proper "captain" at the helm can steer a state into solvency, Governor Kasich's name came to mind and, the mouth (to the consternation of the graveyard shift) followed.

Just a thought about the coming election. That is: the "choosing" of the next chief executive. I hope we've all learned that experience governing is a must. Sure, I believe a different prior position can produce a memorable offspring (Lincoln comes to mind), but, "governors" know how to, frankly, govern. Therefore, let "We the People" wisely think along these lines when the contestants line up. Kasich? Yes. Christie? Yes. Huckabee? Yes! (my choice). Jindal, Walker, Brownback? Yes, yes, yes! And the list goes on.

And to the Senators of the conservative ilk which speak well and inspire much, to these I would suggest the second position of Vice President. It's a place (although we rarely say it), for the not quite ready...to become ready. Something to think about, inspired by a long trip. A few more musings may follow.




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