Friday, October 12, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate

The filthy rich
(by R.P.Edwards)

Oh, how I hate
The filthy rich
And all their filthy ways
Their filthy cars!
Their filthy land!
Their filthy food flambe'!
So yes! Let's bring them down a notch!
Let's tax them to their knees!
Until, of course
I make some dough
Then, hands off...filthy me!

Saw the vice presidential debate. Not earth shattering. Not game changing. Predictable. Somewhat...boring. As expected, Mr Biden brought out the class-warfare card and the now-famous 47% remark by Mitt Romney. Ho-hum.  And, conversely, Mr Ryan reemphasized the dismal record of the current administration and laid out the  five point plan (with the media's background refrain, "What are the specifics?!")

To be nice: On Joe's side, I was not dissatisfied with his emphasis that the Afghans need to carry their own water, and they won't do it if we hang around.  On Mr Ryan's side: his pro-life stand was refreshing and a stark contrast to Mr Biden's "I'm a Catholic...but" remarks. changer? No. But the distinctions seem clear enough. Looking forward to the next Presidential debate. 


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