Friday, February 10, 2012

The Verdict

Judging Judges
(by RPEdwards)

Wayward Judges
What to do
Heavens NO!
Have People's Reps
Take simple steps
And have the judge

In the news: Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg thinks the new Egyptian government should "not" use the U.S. Constitution as their model when drafting a foundational document of their own. Alas.

Now, I don't think such comments by the honorable jurist warrant "resignation," but it does remind me of Supreme Court decisions past that would have the founders, at the very least, scratching their wigs.  Abortion, Gay marriage, prayerless schools, eminent domain gone a muck, to name a few.  Yes, when high judges get it's hard to fix. That's why, rather than the tedious Amendment route, impeachment needs to be seriously considered. Better yet...let's keep presidents in the White House that don't want to rewrite...what was written.

For your amusement; The American Kings...  


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