Saturday, February 13, 2021




(By R.P.Edwards)
Traitors, traitors, all are we
Depending on the view
For even Thomas, George, and Ben
Are TRAITORS to the few...
And so, on this frigid February day the overthrow (ahem, I mean election) is settled and Mr Biden sits enthroned upon the people placed pedestal. Oh, there are a few cases coming before the Supreme Court concerning election things; but can these nine who, thus far, seem disinterested in actually wielding "uncomfortable" justice; can these be counted on to look at the evidence and say, "Hey, wait a minute."?
No matter. The fraud was obvious. The treasonous acts (those plethora of deeds associated with actually stealing our sacred, blood bought ballots) are plain to see if one chooses to. But, being a person of belief in the "founders" omnipotent deity, I believe this travesty will not stand; however the means (and I DO NOT mean Civil War).

But, let me pause a moment to point out the players and our disparities. For, although I believe President Trump won in a landslide, nevertheless there were millions who did not want him. AND these zealous many (not counting the thieves; I mean, traitors) these Americans hold quite a different view than I.

Yes, although these may consider themselves "patriots" by there opposition to the ways of Trump, I dare say their contrary views concerning government (socialism), censorship (anti-1st amendment), biology (anything goes), personhood (infanticide), foreign policy (aiding the enemies of Israel and, frankly, bending towards global governance); these are most certainly far from the founders inclinations. AND, even though they LOVE to disparage honorable ancestors for there not "instantly up to speed" view of slavery; they more than nullify their righteous stand by catering to the same demons by boisterously proclaiming that only skin color and heritage matter, and then going one step further than the former "owners" by gleefully murdering innocent pre-born "lives" they deem unworthy.


So, as this curious drama plays itself out (soon, I'm thinking) what we really need, dear reader, in order for this America to survive; what we REALLY need is much more than the coming vindication. What we need is a spiritual Awakening. And that, I believe, is at the door.

The poem continues...

...But many more
I do believe
Still see the founder's worth
And with God's aid
The Republic made
Will not perish from the earth.


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The 10




The 10
(By R.P.Edwards)
We the People
Put them there
To be Our voice
Our constant care
OUR Constitution
Their pledge, our YES
To be ever faithful
To do their best
But once enthroned
Or perhaps before
Adulterous thoughts
Grew more and more
Until finally joining
In open display
The opposition 
That believes their way
And with gross contempt
For their blood bought place
They throw the ring
Back in our face
And so ends the marriage
The hopeful pair
For Liberty dies
When betrayal's there

Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, 
But who can find a trustworthy man?
(Proverbs 20:6 NAS)

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband,
But she who shames him is like rottenness in his bones.
(Proverbs 12:4 NAS)

The context: In the tumultuous presidential election period of 2020/21 a large gathering of Trump supporters were encouraged to engorge the capital on January 6; when state certifications were tallied by the VP. 

Well, aside from the "Mr Pence should have done it THIS way!" controversy, there was a small group of rabble which stormed the capital citadel, causing a pause in the action and making some previously, "Oh, we admire riots!" democrats quite uncomfortable with the mayhem.
Soooo, the majority party, every hateful of the chief executive, insisted on a kangaroo court "impeachment" on the grounds of instigating an insurrection (laughable) and 10 Republicans (although a thorough investigation HAD NOT been done and, besides, the Dems had enough to do the deed on their own) these 10 added their adulterous amen.
Oh, unfaithfulness is a heinous offense. Few marriages can survive it. A pairing, based on solemn, sacred, mutual trust; when one willingly casts the oath is devastating. And that, dear reader, is how I view the behavior of these 10.
And, although their actions are no doubt pure in their own wandering eyes I don't care to hear the eloquent babbling, or self justifying gibberish. They simply chose to betray, for whatever reason, the President that had done so much for the nation, the Republican party, and most likely their past election. Yes, when the bed is willingly violated, words...mean nothing. 
So, away with these. And, since "Representatives" have to fight for their seat every two years, these should be vigorously primaried out of contention. 

Well, since this is written on the 19th of January, tomorrow is the supposed inauguration of the new administration. Washington DC, so I'm told, is an armed camp. Vast and interesting conspiracy theories abound and, some prophetic voices (which I DO trust) even these say there will, somehow, be four more years of Trump. How? I do not know. But I do know this: God is indeed a God of justice...and vindication.
PS, as heinous as I perceive the actions of the "10," I wish them no lasting ill. The mortal condition is prone to sin, and repentance and grace is a path to wholesomeness. I hope they take advantage of it.  







Monday, December 7, 2020

The weighing




(by R.P.Edwards)
Bloodless revolutions
They happened all the time
Our battles were with ballots
You had yours 
And I had mine
But now traitors in high places
Have stemmed the sacred flow
So, since "bloodless" cannot happen
Is there just one place to go?
 There's a weighing going on. Oh, sure, for the zealous young there may be a quick movement of feet. But for many, myself included, there is a slow determining on what must be done if the overthrow of our Republic is accomplished.
Oh, it would be so much easier if, as in the quandary of one hundred and sixty years past, the lines of division were distinct and knowable. But now, contrary to the upheaval caused by the slavery loving South, OUR traitors--those who have conspired to bastardize our sacred, blood-bought privilege--these are with us on so many levels. 

Yes, there may indeed be corrupt Governors and Attorney Generals; Ideologically blind judges and legislatures; Tyrants in high tech and treasonous ballot handlers on all levels; AND, perhaps even our great Federal organs of law enforcement and government sanctioned espionage; perhaps even these have placed their hands in the service of enemies within...and abroad.
So, what are we, the "thought to be weak" majority to do with these TRAITORS? For now, nothing. But, BUT, if this so apparent overthrow, coup, revolution is left standing; then we may have to do the unthinkable; AND I suspect it won't be on the scale of a small militia or disgruntled protest; No, I suspect thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands will have to make a stand.
But for now there is praying, and weighing and HOPING that there are still a few patriots left in high places. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Our sacred vote



(by R.P.Edwards)
Not simply naughty
Or a partisan do
Not a misdemeanor 
Have I done to you
Not merely a mocker
With my blood bought say
Not just a criminal 
With my act today
No, I'm more than these
With YOUR vote in tow
As I nullify your yes or no
And your sacred stand
I throw away
Yes, there's just one word
For me today

Long ago I brought them to the stone. "Them" referring to my children and the "stone," meaning a war memorial strategically placed near a McDonald's.

Positioning my heritage near the names I attempted to impart a fraction of their worth. "You see these names," I'd say. "Each of these is a person who died on our behalf; on YOUR behalf. Most likely they didn't have children; and never would. They, most likely, left parents and siblings and possibly a sweetheart. They'd never have a career. Never know the joy of cradling their children and grandchildren. Never be able to add their distinct talents and flavor to our society. But, because of their sacrifice YOU get to do all these things. That's why we must remember and honor them." Something like that anyway.

It was more for me, I suppose. Hopefully some of it rubbed off.

And so, at this writing the presidential election results of 2020 are unclear. Oh, the media know-it-alls have made their choice, but the numbers are suspect. Majorly so. In fact, although voter fraud may exist to some degree in all elections, this one seems rife with the offense. AND, when MY SACRED VOTE is nullified by those driven to deceive; when they choose to overthrow the system that literally was purchased by blood; well, that's beyond criminal. It's actually treason. And I hope some kind of severe consequence is meted out upon the verified revelation. It's the least we can do for those listed on the stone...and the future generations they died for.



Monday, November 2, 2020

The Waiting




The Waiting
(by R.P.Edwards)
Seeds are planted
The growing done
The sickle stationed
Almost won
For the morrow waiting
With its frenzied fill
And the coffers bursting
With defining till
Oh anxious waiting!
For the harvest's sway
For the weighted winner
That rules the day
For our future plantings
In life's fallowed field
Will receive the chosen
And its children...yield

It was august of 2018. President Trump made an appearance at a downstate Illinois Steel plant; the beneficiary of his policies that held back the gush of cheap foreign steel so that the local variety...could thrive.

It was a work day and although most of my coworkers were prevented from attending (somebody's got to get the steel out) I was afforded a place in the back due to a vacation day used to accommodate the extraction of two teeth (one of which I miss dearly). After the rude removals I spat out my blood-soaked gauze and attended. It was four hours well spent.

One would suppose my heavy leaning towards President Trump is due to his unwavering support of American-born industry. I, and so many of my hard-hatted peers appreciate this; but this is not the primary pointer for me.

One might think it has to do with his tax-cut, or regulation removals, or military build up, or VA overhaul, or staunch defense of the 2nd Amendment. All good. But these only move me a little.

For, you see, since I am more than just a slightly disheveled steel tender; since I am in fact a person of deep faith, I cling to our commander-in-chief, Donald J. Trump, because he knows, and DEMONSTRATES that he knows, that human life in ALL stages...has value.

Yes, the Republican party under the leadership of Trump, is the party of Life. And although they weren't always this way, the Democrat Party is the party of infanticide, child slaughter, and God-denying death.

Dear reader, make no mistake, those who tout this choosing as one of the most important elections of our time, are absolutely right. It is, in fact, in many ways a veiled replay of 1860. As you recall, on one side were those who loved, cherished, and sought to protect the vile institution that considered fellow humans as something very much less; and on the other side were those who thought being "made in the image of God," applied to all. Therefore, without apology, without regret, and with all my heart my vote is for four more years under the leadership of President, Donald J. Trump.

PS The Lord has allotted me some degree of talent in more than just physical labor, and three songs (over time) have been produced to support President Trump. I suppose two will retire gracefully. But the third has the potential for longevity. Thank you for viewing.




Thursday, July 9, 2020

Poor Statues

(by R.P.Edwards)

Harmless statues
In the mud
'cause children have their way
Until the "village"
Has had enough
And takes their toys away

Abe, Thomas, George, Frederick, Francis, Franklin...and on and on. Famous folk; founders, pillars, "look up to" kind of guys. Yeah, some, many, thought so much of these "before" people that statues were made to memorialize and remember their finer points and contributions.

Well, a while back a person of color was brutally abused and murdered by a member of law enforcement.The incident was recorded for all to see and ALL who saw it (or heard of it) were rightly appalled. AND, understandably, anger ensued which led to protests...and then a lot more.

You see, aside from a backlash with a tether to the slavery-defending Confederacy (old statues and such) there then came an addition to purge ALL who participated in the institution; AND THEN the movement morphed to include those who had NOTHING to do with it (Frederick Douglas, really?).

Obviously, there's much more at play here than meets the eye: it truly appears there has been a concerted hijacking by marxists, anarchists, and America-hating opportunists. And though some of these dearly want to usher us into the bloody and failed systems of Socialism/Communism (thank you academia) there hopefully remains hidden beneath this bile and hate-driven tempest; there HOPEFULLY REMAINS a remnant who look back to Martin (MLK) for inspiration to achieve real healing change. I hope they rise to the surface.

PS. A question: In the future, when the Satan-inspired practice of slaughtering children in the womb is finally recognized for the monstrous evil it is; what structures and statues do WE purge from our public memory? Think about it. 


Friday, May 8, 2020

It's NOT the Spanish flu!

(by R.P.Edwards)

It's not
IT'S not!
IT'S Not!
And though they're desperate to compare
It simply isn't true
For one, the killer from long ago
The healthy oft did take
And as it spread
Most quickly dead
With millions in its wake...

I sympathize with the fearful. I'm well acquainted with this emotion. BUT, I don't fear Covid 19 (or the Coronavirus, or the Chinese virus; whatever you want to call it). Why? two reasons: 1.The Lord promises certain protections for the believer (no plague shall come near your dwelling, Psalm 91) And 2. This "strain" is not nearly as deadly as the hype ever heaped upon us portrays; and it's certainly NOT like the Spanish flu, which exterminated more than five times the American casualties of its contemporary killer; WWI.

But, I get the caution. I get the knee-jerk reflex associated with the "models" of death. BUT, we've been into it for a while now and it's time to reassess and not continue to spout the "could have been" when it's clear it would NOT have been. 

Of course, the comparison to the great killer of a century past also breaks down in a more vile and devilish way: namely, SOME today are rooting for a serious wounding of our nation to further their godless agendas. This our ancestors did not do.

The poem continues:

...But ours is weak
A minor tweak
Afflicting very few
But fear is sown
And power grown
To enslave the common YOU!